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Colocation and Datacenter Services

High Speed, Off-site, Secure, Colocation and Datacenter Services

Colocations and datacenters are often thought of as a resource for large companies, and unnecessary for small to medium sized businesses. While it may seem unnecessary, the backbone of many companies is data. By housing your data in an offsite location, a layer of protection is immediately provided against localized catastrophic events including: fire, water damage, electrical malfunction and power loss. Colocation and Datacenter Services provide security and quick access to your data, while giving the protection and fortification it needs.

Security and quick access to your data is paramount in today’s technological environment, in addition to the vital element of Business Continuity. Business Continuity development and implementation guarantees your data remains online and available. This is achieved with a well-deigned and executed Disaster Prevention Plan inclusive of data redundancy, available from Micro Systems Management.

Security Key Features

  • 24/7 Manned building Security
  • Multi-Factor Authentication required for access
  • Controlled elevator access to data center floor
  • APC secure rack, modified with combination locks on front and rear rack doors
  • Limited number of individuals with authorized access
  • Main entrance IP camera in use with recording and 24/7 monitoring capabilities to the Cogent NOC

Facility Key Features

  • Smoke heads above and below raised floor
  • Floor raised 18 inches
  • CO2 Fire System
  • Dry-Pipe Sprinkler System
  • Water shield over top of rack
  • HVAC (2) Liebert 10-ton HVAC units, (2) rooftop mounted dry-cooler units
  • Escorted access available (with MSMC personnel)

Rack Key Features

  • Electricity to rack with (1) United Power PDU – 75kVA
  • Power AC 110V/20A (1) Powerware UPS unit (480v 3-phase utility feed – 300 amps) power to server(s)
  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • IP Transit, Ethernet Transport Services (IPv6)
  • Up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth (up and down) available
  • Static IP Addresses


  • Customer’s equipment delivered and installed by MSMC personnel
  • Equipment and residing data on equipment remains property of customer
  • Confidentiality agreement between MSMC and customer required
  • Photo equipment, video or voice recording equipment prohibited
  • Food, drink or hazardous material prohibited in data center