Do you dread dealing with IT?
When computers first became accessible to the working public in the 1970s, skilled computer technicians were few and far between. Nowadays, self-styled “computer experts” are springing up everywhere you look, all claiming to have the proficiency to fix every computer problem imaginable. But when you need someone to set up a data archival system for your business, set up an email server, or safeguard a network from hackers and other security threats, how do you tell the technicians with true expertise from those who are just “good with computers”? Who can you trust when skill and experience matter most?

Since 1987, the technicians at Micro Systems Management have been proving themselves extraordinary in a field plagued with inept amateurs and unreliable professionals. We specialize in hardware/software consultation, acquisition, and implementation, managed services, web hosting, and custom programming, though the complete range of our services is quite vast. We offer products from a number of high end hardware and software vendors including 3CX, Dell, Barracuda and Microsoft. Details about our vendor relationships can be found on our Partners page. The certified computer forensic examiners in our forensics division provide electronic investigation and discovery services, serving as expert witnesses in legal proceedings and producing  evidence for litigation purposes.

Your company’s functionality relies on the security and accessibility of its digital data. Can you really afford to take a gamble with unqualified “IT guys,” or would you rather have trusted, seasoned professionals on your team?