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Dark Web Monitoring

We are proud to announce our partnership with Agent ID: a commercial Dark Web monitoring service to detect customer’s compromised credentials on the Dark Web.

In addition to the regular Internet, there is the deep web (Internet accessible websites that are not included when in search results from search engines) and the Dark Web (networks that can only be accessed from the Internet with special software).

Often times, cyber criminals steal usernames, passwords and other sensitive information. This information may end up on the Dark Web where it is traded and sold.

Digital credentials such as usernames and passwords are widely used to connect to critical business applications – the reason these credentials are among the most valuable assets found on the Dark Web

Kevin Lancaster, CEO of ID Agent

Unfortunately, people aren’t always aware that their username, password or other personally identifying information was stolen in a breach. In some cases, the first hint that a breach occurred is when stolen information is leaked on the Internet or sold on the Dark Web.

Dark Web ID… delivers an affordable model that provides small businesses with the same advanced credential monitoring capabilities used by Fortune 500 companies to organizations in the SMB and mid-market space.

Kevin Lancaster, CEO of ID Agent

If you are interested in dark web monitoring, please contact us or register for our next Dark Web Monitoring service webinar.