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Cybersecurity analyze attacks

Through the proper collection and retention of log data from technical systems, monitoring the network for suspicious, unauthorized, or otherwise anomalous activity, and leveraging open source cyber analysis information.

We provide cybersecurity logging and analysis services. If you require a central logging capability, we can assist you with designing and configuring a syslog system to facilitate central log storage.

A key part of being able to monitor the network for suspicious, unauthorized, or otherwise anomalous activity is having the ability to see what is happening in your network. By employing various network security services including Application Control, Privileged Identity Management, Intrusion Prevention, network based antivirus, and Advanced Threat Detection to defend against cybersecurity attacks and configuring them to alert when they detect suspicious, unauthorized, or otherwise anomalous activity can provide insight into cyber attacks against a network which can be used for informing changes to a company’s risk management program. To enable that analysis, logging and monitoring capabilities need to be acquired, properly configured, comply with legal and other regulatory requirements, and be regularly tested. Our team brings years of cybersecurity analysis experience to your company and can work with your existing HR, Legal, and IT teams to review, configure, and test your cybersecurity logging and monitoring capabilities.

Extending monitoring beyond your network, we offer Dark Web Monitoring services.

After a cyber attack happens, there are situations where a forensic analysis of the attack is required for legal, compliance, or insurance claim purposes. For attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio, we offer in-house Digital Forensics.