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Cybersecurity defend against attacks

With our team of cyber security experts working alongside your IT department to identify and stop technical attacks that reach your business systems.

By employing various network security services including Application Control, Privileged Identity Management, Intrusion Prevention, network based antivirus, and Advanced Threat Detection to defend against cybersecurity attacks and configuring them to alert when they detect suspicious, unauthorized, or otherwise anomalous activity can provide insight into cyber attacks against a network. When those network security services are turned on and properly configured then can serve as invaluable tools when a company needs to stop an ongoing cybersecurity attack.

With the right policies, processes, people, and technology in place, a company can implement its Incident Response plan and defend from a cybersecurity attack. When a company has the ability to see where an attack is coming from, that often facilitates changes to the business network that can defend against and stop the attack. After the company’s network has been defended and the attack has stopped, we can continue working with a company’s IT department to mitigate the effects of the cyberattack.