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Cybersecurity preventing attacks

Through continuous effective training, system patch management, network level anti-virus, endpoint protection, and zero trust data protection solutions.

Whether your company is looking for custom cybersecurity training, simulated phishing training, are unsure of the status of your systems patch management, need to upgrade your anti-virus software, decide on an endpoint protection product to purchase, or are looking for a zero trust data protection solution, Micro Systems Management works closely with select vendors to offer a wide array of cybersecurity products.

We are partnered with multiple vendors who build next-generation firewalls which provide features such as network based anti-virus, Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Botnet protection, SSL decryption/inspection to scan for exploit code and malware communicating with SSL/TLS, and SSL VPN services.

We are partnered with DAtAnchor to provide data-centric cybersecurity. Securing the network perimeter from cyberattacks is critical but how do you protect the data when you need to share it with other individuals or businesses? Anchor by DAtAnchor focuses on securing the data no matter where it is. Even if the data is stolen and copied out of a private server, the data is still encrypted. With the threat of ransomware increasing and the risk of a ransomware attack extending from rending a company’s data inaccessible to now being stolen and leaked, finding a way to secure the data while allowing authorized employees and devices to use the data is crucial in the modern cybersecurity threat landscape. See our video here for more information.

Want to detect advanced threats that may already be in your corporate email accounts? Ask your IT manager to request a no-charge Email Threat Scan.

If you are interested in learning about what company login data is already on the dark web check out our Dark Web Monitoring service.